About DC Bluegrass Union

Founded in 2003, the DC Bluegrass Union is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization. Our goal is to promote bluegrass music through performance and education in the greater Washington, DC area.

Board of Directors

President: Randy Barrett (Chairperson, Festival Manager, Publicity) (Cell: 703-405-6230)
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer/Secretary: Regina Derzon (Cell: 703-915-2271)
Secretary: Vacant
Director: Regina Derzon (Event Planning) (Cell: 703-915-2271)
Director: Michael Marceau (Outreach, Special Programs, Jams) (Cell: 301-542-9867)
Director: John DeMarce (Web) (John: 703-772-3277, Melinda: 703-635-8583)
Director: Doug Mitchell (Membership) (Cell: 240-644-4247)
Director: Matt Slocum (Fundraising) (Cell: 202-438-0490)
Director: Social Media Vacant

Contact Us

Feel free to contact any of the above Board members if you have questions, want to volunteer, or just have an idea. You can mail us at:
1429 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

Or you can send us your comments/feedback via the form below:

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