What is DCAB-L?

The DC Area Bluegrass List (DCAB-L) is an email listserv and forum hosted on Google Groups, much like the BGRASS-L listserv. The list is owned and moderated by Debbie Durant. Simply sign up, and you will get emails regarding local gigs, instruments for sale, and discussion about a variety of bluegrass topics both mundane and controversial (such as ‘What Is Bluegrass, Anyway?’). Once you sign up, you are instantly in touch with 600+ bluegrass enthusiasts in the greater DC region.

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A Note From the Moderator

DCAB-L exists to promote and support discussion of bluegrass-related topics within the Washington DC/Baltimore area bluegrass music community (DC/MD/VA/PA/DE/WV), which is arguably the most active, creative, and productive bluegrass community in the world. In short, DCAB-L is designed to provide a forum for all sorts of bluegrass-oriented networking and communication for the DC bluegrass scene.

What might you read on this list?
Well, the DCAB-L serves as an online bulletin board for the DC region’s bluegrass community. Postings might include anything relevant to the DC regional bluegrass scene: music news, announcements of upcoming regional gigs/events/performances, music-related classifieds, constructive discussion of controversial bluegrass-oriented subjects, etc. In fact, discussion of ANY issue impacting the DC regional bluegrass community, or the DC scene’s impact on bluegrass throughout the world, is highly encouraged.

However, inflammatory, disruptive, or potentially illegal posts (flaming, mean-spirited libelous or damaging innuendo, libel, blatantly commercial non-bluegrass spamming, etc.) constitute grounds for suspension or expulsion from the list, AT THE MODERATOR’S DISCRETION. By all means, be vocal, opinionated, and don’t hold back. But please – play nice, and keep it bluegrass-oriented.

Debbie Durant, listowner and moderator
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DISCLAIMER: Although this list is NOT legally or officially aligned with the DCBU, both entities may, from time-to-time, work together towards realizing shared goals.